The Waterpark in the Mojave Desert

I got to visit one of my all time favorite places with one of my all time favorite people, my long time friend and amazing creative director Tristan Divincenzo: the abandoned waterpark in the middle of the Mojave Desert.

I shot these photos with my Hasselblad 503cx medium format camera, Zeiss Planar 80mm lens and Fujichrome slide film.

I almost always stop here on the drive from Vegas to LA... it can be a bit hard to find a first, but use your instincts and look for the random palm trees, and you'll find it too!

Grafitti artists come from all over to paint here - I've seen pieces from Becca, Shepherd Fairey, Opergloves, Zane (Above - Cash Only) and Banksy, to name a few. Each time I return there is new art in new places, and often times my favorite pieces from the past are gone. It's truly a street art museum, curator free, in the middle of nowhere, the Mojave desert.

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