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VR Testing with Jon Sims

Writer/director Jon Sims is always dreaming up the wildest ideas. I don't know where he gets this stuff but there must be influence from his day job, doing VFX on huge action and sci-fi movies. Perhaps creating giant flame-throwing robots and universe zapping aliens all day does an imagination good.

We recently started testing Stereoscopic Virtual Reality, and working with Jon in this infinite space of creativity feels like play. We've completed two tests so far and owe at least one more. The process is fascinating and we are so lucky to have support from amazing institutions like the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles and Radiant Imaging, a leader in VR technology. Thank you again!

Here we are using a 4k Black Magic camera on a table top dolly to do a 3d process, shooting on extremely wide lenses to create the VR environment. This lite rope, the Fiilex P200 FlexJet, was a great solution because of it's light weight and ability to conform to the irregular shapes of the amazing geode specimens.

I wish I could share our work so far but as of yet it's unavailable. Hopefully these BTS photos from our geode plate shoot at the NHM will give you an idea of the universes we are creating! More to come.

GEODE TEST: 3D/VR process at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, 9.26.16

Writer/director Jon Sims, cinematographer Marianne Wiliams.

And here is the first VR comp of what we shot. Imagine this wrapping 360 degrees around you so you are immersed in a magical crystal cave:

Now we have to shoot all of the fun creatures to go inside the crystal cave! Update soon.

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