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London with Chelsea Woods

I've been in London for nearly 3 weeks on a short doc directed by Chelsea Woods and produced by Lyndsey Woods and Natalie Mason about Instagram, a marketing technique dubbed "native advertising" and the ultimate effect of said marketing on self esteem and body image of the young women who make up the majority of Instagram users. Working title HOW TO BE A BAD BITCH, the piece is currently in post.

sneak peak // still from how to be a bad bitch

We were fortunate to have camera support from the wonderful people at Panavision London shooting with the Arri Alexa and Cooke 20mm-60mm zoom for "day in the life" and the Cooke S4 Prime 40mm and 70mm for the interview set ups. Lighting graciously provided by Panalux, thank you again for the beautiful Tektiles!

Director Chelsea Woods in London, Kensington Palace Garden, May 2016.

Fuji Pro 800x 120mm film shot on Hasselblad 503cx and Zeiss 80mm Planar lens.

I officially have the Fuji blues... I can't find any more of this particular stock. RIP FUJI PRO 800x

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