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short film, 2020
Featuring Angie Simms

Written and directed by Clara Goldfarb

Cinematography by Marianne Lea Williams


Producer: Kaitlin Owens. Editor: Jonathan Henry. Colorist: Sean Ross at Gloss. Sound Mix: Jack Goodman. Title Design: Ally McBeal. Assistant Camera: Juan Chavez. Sound: Tyler Lydell.

Clara Goldfarb's “Woman Screaming In Car” details a few minutes in the life of a Los Angeles resident on the verge of a breakdown. The coup of the film is in the interplay between the film’s title and the action on screen, which begins as a calm drive and stays there long enough to build a creeping tension. Angie Simms playing the woman perfectly captures a nuanced build-up of emotion, and Goldfarb slides in enough minor details (putting on / taking off sunglasses) to momentarily hold off the inevitable. We know nothing about the woman’s life or the reason she’s on edge. Left open to interpretation, her reaction feels profound and universal. -KA. (4 minutes). 

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