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I'm an Exorcist // 60 Second Docs

I'm an Exorcist // 60 Second Docs

Shea Bile was brought up believing in the supernatural. As the son of a medium, Shea has embraced the rebellious side of spirituality and is now a practicing occultist and exorcist. While he believes in demonic possession, he’ll be the first to tell you that any exorcism has to start from within. And he’ll give you the tools you need to liberate yourself. Want more docs? SUBSCRIBE: Q&A with Shea Bile: • How did you get into this? I was first exposed to the supernatural or various aspects of the occult as a child. My mother was a very spiritual person who often told me stories about past lives, reincarnation, communication with spirits, etc. In addition to that, I grew up in what some would call a haunted house. I often experienced vivid dreams where what appeared to be spirits would try to communicate with me. I experienced an aggressive attack from (what could be called) a spirit or entity when I was 4. I woke up with the feeling of being suffocated, to the point where I felt as if I was going to die. When I finally broke free moments later, I looked upward and above my bedroom door was a floating sphere of shifting black smoke or mist. Within the black haze, various faces, some I recognized, some I did not, morphed and changed rapidly; at the same time they seemed to be speaking with a disembodied voice in reverse, that is to say, it was like they were speaking backwards. I would discover later that this was an uncommon, but well-known experience that some would call a 'hag attack', as the form in which the spirit usually comes is the form of a terrifyingly haggard elderly woman beside your bedside. Years later, in my early adolescence, I would begin studying the occult seriously, and even obsessively at times. Over the years, I had come to know many who would request assistance in these matters, situations where they felt something was working against them, whether spiritual or psychological; over time, I began to use exorcism/banishings/cleansings/uncrossings as one of the many methods to assist myself and others. • Can you explain the difference between exorcising and exercising demons? There is a quote by the late Anton Lavey that goes, “There is a beast in man that should be exercised, not exorcised.” The original quote comments on how what has been theologically understood to be the less desirable traits in man, such as lust, are actually essential parts of our animal natures that should be celebrated - the acceptance that man is a human animal and that it would be foolish to attempt to deny this aspect of our experience. When I make a statement like I do not exorcise my demons, I exercise them, I am more commenting on the fact that I do not subscribe to the Christian or Abrahamic understanding of what a demon is. The colloquial understanding of demons is one that is a perversion of their original roots in ancient Greek spirituality - they were not malign entities, they were merely allies or a mentor. As history progressed, and Christianity dominated religious and spiritual thought, any god, goddess, or spirit they did not feel were in alignment with their doctrinal beliefs became a grotesque demonic figure to be feared and reviled. I do not share this belief. I believe spirits come in many forms and I would not even begin to claim the nature of what they actually are, I just know from personal and subjective experience that I have encountered these entities, and they are not what most religions have been claiming they are. Having said that, I have come to this understanding from mostly gravitating toward the 'darker' aspects of occult practice, what some would label the Left Hand Path. A fundamental aspect to this practice is to abandon and liberate yourself of commonly accepted social norms and fears, fears that would debilitate and weaken you as an empowered individual. . . . . . . Life. One minute at a time. Follow for more 60 Second Docs: Facebook: Facebook Watch: Instagram: Snapchat: Twitter: YouTube: Google+: Vine: vidme: Copyright 2016 Indigenous Media Tips?


director / dp / editor  Marianne Williams
Produced by Dan Leonard for 60 Second Docs


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